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General rent a car information

:: Driver License and Hiring Age Restrictions (Driver License and Age) Hirer must be at least 21 years old for A,B,C,D,E group vehicles and at least 24 years old for F,G,H,X. However, hirer’s national or international driver license must be at least 1 year-old.

:: Hiring Duration: Daily hiring is calculated on 24 hours and monthly hiring is calculated on 30 days.

:: Prices include unlimited kilometers usage, insurance warrant against third party(under legal policy limits) but fuel, automobile insurance(Kasko), burglary insurance, one-way fee, handing over fee, baby seat fee and 18 percent value added tax are not included. Fuel belongs to hirer. If vehicles which had been given with full fuel, is given back by missing or empty fuel tank, difference of fuel fee is taken with service fee.

:: One-way Hirings One-way fee is applied for leaving vehicle at another city.

:: Extra Drivers: Usage of the vehichle by a different driver instead of hirer, must be defined at rental agreement. Otherwise, insurance is not valid and hirer is responsible for all damages.

:: Applied fee’s 1/3 is taken for each extra hour for delaying. If it is more than 3 hours, one day fee is taken.

:: Traffic, motorway and bridge transition fines belong to the hirer. If vehicles are taken from the traffic, all this duration fee is taken from the hirer.

:: Airport Delivery: Extra fee may be requested for Airport delivery and leaving. Call our office for information.

:: Important Notes
Take licence with you when you parked the car. Do not give the keys to anyone(include car park employee and hotel employee). In these conditions, big damages can occur and vehicles stay out of warranty.

:: Park your car to car parks possibly and do not leave the keys at the vehicle. If you give the keys somebody, vehicle stays out of warranty.

:: Don’t leave your bags, cameras or that kind of precious stuffs in the car. Take them to baggage.

:: In case of an accident, vehicle must not be removed until police or gendarme come there and make alcohol test on you and write accident report.

:: If vehicle gets damage at car park. You must call Gendarme or police. Damage assesment official report must be written.

:: In case of accident or breakdown, call our emergency assistance(road help) number. A tow truck and/or a taxi will be sent you as soon as possible. It will be got the nearest service if it is necessary, a new vehicle will be given to you. Don’t let the tow trucks of Police or Gendarme to move the vehicle and tell them you have your own insurance and call us urgently. 24 hour emergency assistance phone number: +90 533 704 54 77

:: Cigar burns which are seen on the floor of the vehicle are out of warrant and you must pay the fee for reparation.

:: Speed limit is 50 km/hour in city and 90 km/hour out of city, 120 km/hour on motorways. Speed controls are being performed by radars on the road and you must be careful about that, especially upstate roads.

:: Your vehicle’s periodical maintenance and controls had been done on time and that gives you a smooth ride. But then a problem occurs, please call us firstly(24 hours). Our friends will give you information and guide you.

:: If your hiring duration is more than 5000 km., you must ask us for periodical maintenance and controls of the vehicle. That is very important for your safety and vehicle’s warranty.

:: Tickets belong to hirer and must be paid at that moment. Else, that can be problem at exit from Turkiye. If you live in Turkey, you can pay ticket to us at return if a official report had been written.

:: Vehicle can not be used by an undefined driver who is not on the agreement. Please register extra drivers to agreement.

Automobile insurance (kasko – CDW)

In case of damage, hirer are obliged to pay up to 6000 EUR for A,B,C group vehicles, 9000 EUR for D,E,F,G group vehicles and 13000 EUR for H,S group vehicles. If hirer pays 14.-ytl(daily) for A,B,C group vehicles, 17.-ytl for D, E, F, G group vehicles and 20.-ytl for H, S group vehicles, hirer do not obliged to pay any cost.

But hirer must have used the car by obeying the rules and not used alcohol and not become under the influence of drugs, also accident ant alcohol reports must had been delivered to Lets Office in 48 hours in order to continue of the warranty.